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Welcome to Pest Pro Iowa

PestPro Iowa is a full-service pest solution company serving the Des Moines Metro and Central Iowa areas.  At PestPro Iowa, we understand the role pest control plays in protecting your business or residence. That is why we offer a wide variety of pest control treatments, customized to your needs. Whether it is a traditional pest control program or a low toxicity, environmentally friendly pest control strategy, we will work with you to design a program that not only protects your home or business, but gives you peace of mind maintaining a healthy environment for customers, employees and family.


Protect your Customers and Reputation

Pest-Pro Services is committed to protecting your business from pests with experienced technicians. Our specialized service for businesses offers customized integrated pest management services backed with a comprehensive protection plan that will help your business eliminate pests, prevent them from returning, and reduce your business costs. Why take risks with your customers and reputation when you know Pest-Pro Services will eliminate your pest problems with the best equipment, tools, and materials as the Central Iowa Pest Control experts.






Residential Termite & Pest Control Services

Pest Pro Services has become a leading provider of pest control services in the Des Moines Metro and Central Iowa areas.

We customize our Exterminating Service for each home

At Pest-Pro Services we protect family homes from pest infestation. Pest-Pro Services residential treatment programs offer homeowners the ability to select the level of protection that best meets the needs of their home and family.

Our flexible programs offer you the ability to set up pest control treatment over the phone by calling one of our friendly customer solutions representatives. If you’d prefer a more thorough pre-treatment inspection and report, a pest and termite inspector will come to your home, perform a complete, free inspection, and discuss the findings with you. If you do have a pest problem, we will talk to you about the pest, explain your service options, and review the benefits of Pest-Pro Service







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